Cosmetic Tattoo Q and A

Why are there so many do’s & don’t’s for Cosmetic Tattoo?

Microblading is the most temperamental form of cosmetic tattooing due to the depth of ink placed into the skin. The most superficial hair strokes are what heals to be the most natural and feathery appearance. Proper pre and post-care are VITAL to achieving great retention, and results while maintaining the long-term integrity of your skin. This is why artists have such detailed contraindications and protocols for microblading.

Do you do consultations?

Consultations are usually done on the day of the service. Enough time is booked for discussing goals, shape, color, etc. If you have prior tattooing please book an in-person consultation prior to booking, or send an email with photos in bright lighting.

My brows have disappeared after they healed. What happened?!

For optimal healed results, brow retention is 50% pre and post-care, 25% artist/technique, and 25% body’s reaction. Your artist can have perfect technique but if you do not care for your tattoo properly, they will fade.

I have oily skin. Will microblading work for me?

Oily skin clients can all enjoy the benefits of microblading, however, adding shading with it is recommended for best results. Clients with a combination of rosacea and fragile skin may have weak results. Your artist will let you know if microblading is not a good option for you. Powder brows (shading with no hair strokes) will look very pretty on oily skin and still have a natural finish.

How long do I need to avoid the sun?

You should 100% continue to minimize sun exposure even after your tattoo is healed. Wear an SPF with at least 5% zinc (or SPF 15) to protect the pigment from UV rays. Nobody wants blurry blue brows!

Can I work out after microblading?

No sweating, gym, or steam room activity for 7-10 days after. Not only will you have poor healed results (blurry/blotchy), but also poor retention, and a new service may have to be booked. It’s best to follow after-care instructions very carefully for optimal results.

Is there downtime with eyeliner tattoo?

There is mild-moderate swelling during the first 1-2 days. Scabbing is minimal. Numbing cream is used throughout the entire service. Bruising is uncommon. Please note that results and side effects will vary for each individual client based on their level of sensitivity and pain tolerance.

How can I book an appointment?

Just call us 0422041909

Is an 8-week touch-up required?

An 8-10 week touch up may be necessary for some clients. More than half of our clients need a minor touch-up on a spot or two, which comes with following aftercare instructions very carefully.

When can I put makeup on after my tattoo?

Typically when your tattoo has stopped flaking/peeling. Healing time may vary for each individual client.